Guide to Selling

  • 12 months ago

Looking to sell your home for the first time or simply wanting to know more about the selling process? Our sellers guide will provide clarity to ensure a successful sale.


Preparation is key to help achieve the right value for your property and getting it ready for viewings. With a 4K 360 virtual tour for virtual viewings as an alternative to physical viewings, we want to make sure your property is advertised at the best condition possible. Take a look below to see if you have completed these before we market your property to avoid any last minute hassle.

  • Check if your rooms require a coat of paint and there is no mould in any rooms
  • Clear or remove any clutter or extra furniture in each room for a bigger room appearance
  • Ensure your exterior i.e. gardens are maintained and tidy, no rubbish or litter and weed free
  • Address any day to day repairs such as broken cupboard/draw handles, working light bulbs in each room
  • Check your plumbing is in working order
  • Ideally deep clean of your property including cupboards, wardrobes, carpets/laminate, bathrooms and kitchen are all in good condition.

Valuation and Viewings

Once you are happy and want to instruct an agent and conduct viewings, please ensure a set of keys are provided to the agent so that viewings can be conducted at times convenient to each prospective buyer and is hassle free for you.

To show our ongoing commitment, Continental Property Group will handle this on your behalf and conduct viewings on evenings and weekends upon request to maximise the chances of selling your property. We will always conduct viewings in line with our ethos and will have a fast turnaround whilst also displaying the most attractive features for your property for all viewings.


As part of our sales package, we will provide you with regular market performance reports and all feedback received from prospective buyers.

Don’t be disheartened if the initial viewings do not lead to a sale, rest assured we will be in regular contact with you and can discuss and evaluate any feedback provided to get your property sold!


Fill in the contact form below and a member of our team will be in touch within one business working day.

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